A remarkable century war for NBA

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nike air jordan shoesA remarkable century war, until halftime there one-sided, the Cleveland Cavaliers took 29 points behind, and ultimately to 91-126 defeat. Aside discussion on technical and tactical level, this is the last battle of Cleveland Cavaliers 6 even, exhausted and uninterested effects can not be neglected. nike air jordan shoes Around the battle of the century, Knight News, a reporter before the game, said Knight will change as a man, also reported Knight discussed within three turns, but dropped because of the fear incited rumors. The field in the first half, Knight players iron frequently, Warrior full power run, 13 hits, 12 assists, and once a 9-2 start. As the game progresses, margin gradually widening, 29 points also tied LeBron James team half maximum backward point after 2015 on the Blazers. Half, Knight only 15 of 44 shots, three of which only 4 of 16 air jordan retro 5 Start from last year's finals streak Warrior Knights 4 games, why will lead to such a situation? Put aside the technical and tactical analysis, it is not to be ignored, 6 even the Knights may have to steam. Before the game, Knight 2 days of truce, Warrior is 3 days. But the difference is, Knight this is the last one 6 continuous battle, warriors 3 games in a row for the home side, called the interdict, which only outgoing Knight intends to change, turns the big three even air jordan wholesale Before the game when it comes to the who defended Steven Courie, Knights coach Taryn-Lu Ceng said they won't change plans since Christmas, but he prefers to Iman-delicious Burt, rather than delegate-Owen Carey like finals, because "we will spend several days during finals to study defense, open the video frame by frame to delve. ? That's to say, they in 6 even during this time is essential. But in the end, Lu coach spot change her mind, but Owen's defense is not good. Knights player of the game, also reflect the thing to beat, after all, they have been away from home for 12 days. Even may wish to do a false, if this game today in Knight 6 even the first or second world war, competition trends will not change?


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