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Nike Basketball for baoluo?qiaozhi's first signature shoes--PG1

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nike air jordan pg1Nike's 44-year history, only less than 1% of Nike athletes to have their own signature shoe. nike air jordan 6
London, January 12 (Thu), baoluo?qiaozhi (Paul George) in Indiana's game against Denver in London put on his first pair of signature shoes in the race unveiled at the international arena, formally joined the Nike signature shoes athlete family.

George 4th Nike Basketball signature shoes of athletes, but also 21st get Nike signature shoes in the history of basketball players.

Combines the personality and character of George calm, PG1, designed for excellent in attack and defense, wearing number 13th shirt George (PG13) tailored. PG1 is lightweight and low cut design, with Designer George Tuoni?hademan (Tony Hardman) work results. Simple shoes, focusing on functionality, unique forefoot strap with Flywire flying line loop is fixed, for dynamic packages and forefoot Zoom Air cushion unit carrying bring ground response air jordan 13
PG1 specific performance advantages include:

Forefoot strap with Flywire flying line loop system of science and technology, and offers Adaptive support.
Cushioned forefoot Zoom Air unit, equipped with a plush insole, bringing responsive cushioning.
Integrated upper structure, providing comfort and perfect fit.
Drawing inspiration from the structure of the scales using blades soles, provide as sharp as the blade grip.

PG1 2K color is a tribute to the video game NBA 2K17 cover of George, and the game was also one of his hobbies. Insoles printed with George in-game characters. To buoy-inspired design lace buckle reflects George another hobby--fishing.




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